Tok was born to a stray cat at a construction site in Belgrade and had been living there until she arrived at the shelter in September 2014, together with her brothers Tik and Tak. They were approximately three months old at the most when I took them in. One of Tok's eyes had leaked out because of some untreated infection, probably herpes, chlamydia or both, and was supposed to be removed. When she was first brought here, we thought she had a harelip, but it turned out that she had actually been seriously injured at one point, as a part of her lip was missing and she didn't have a cleft palate. She was incredibly gentle and cuddly, a very nice, sweet, affectionate young lady. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with FIP in November and passed away in December.

Bank Account Number
Felix - Felinolosko drustvo
SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)
IBAN: RS35355000320003120311