El. pošta


Willow is a three-legged kitty who has spent her entire life living in a cemetery. Nobody knows exactly how she lost her left back leg, it is suspected that she was attacked and injured by roaming dogs. A couple of months ago she had been trapped and spayed by some animal lovers. But to my total disbelief, she was returned to the cemetery afterwards, in spite of the paid pension being offered. A disabled cat returned to the cemetery??? And I thought I’d seen it all until now…

Anyway, I have been trying to get her for two months, contacting people involved in the story yet nobody was willing to go there and catch her. She was proclaimed to be unapproachable and I was getting desperate. However, her luck has suddenly changed. A friend of a friend did her best to lure the cat and succeeded! Willow is in foster care now, learning to trust people, she is still a bit frightened, but she’s doing well. She will be here as soon as possible and I’m sure she will have a healthy, happy and safe life with us. Her age is unknown.

“When the world says “Give up”, hope whispers “Try it one more time”.