El. pošta


Last spring, I received a call from an unknown man from my hometown who told me there was an injured tomcat in his neighborhood, lying in the street for days. A friend of mine provided temporary care for him and he was brought to me a couple of days later. And so Snesko’s path crossed mine...

He was in horrible condition, emaciated and badly injured. His thigh bone was broken and his chin swollen from blunt impact. One of his canines was broken as well, and his nose was filled with clotted blood. He had probably fallen off of someone’s balcony.

When Snesko came into my care, his injuries were already a few days old. A surgery was performed and a metal rod was inserted into his broken thigh bone. He also got an external splint. Six weeks later, the metal rod placed into the bone was removed and he slowly began to learn to walk again. In the meantime, it turned out he was deaf.

Although truly sweet and cuddly with me, Snesko had behaved aggressively towards the other cats for quite some time until he eventually calmed down. He is still limping a little, but he is in much better shape than he was and he continues to improve.

Like most deaf cats, he doesn’t have a clue about how loud he is meowing as he can't hear himself, so he cries loudly all of the time. Nevertheless, being able to help him brings me such great feelings of achievement and fulfillment. In my eyes, he’s a miracle.