El. pošta


Etica has most certainly been through a lot in her life. I have no idea of how and when she ended up in a dog and cat shelter that burned to the ground last spring. Most of the kitties died in the fierce blaze and the surviving ones had remained on the site of the fire for almost a month.

That shelter was not far from mine and I knew I had to try to rescue as many of the cats as I could. The first time I went to pick them up, Etica started following me around and meowing as if she was begging me to take her. As I didn’t have enough cat carriers, I couldn’t take them all at once (the sickest cats were given top priority) so she was left behind.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop thinking of the kitty who sounded so desperate and eager to leave… A day later, I returned to that devastated place and picked up Etica and most of her friends.

It’s been almost a year since that dejected kitty arrived to my shelter, yet she is still following me around. She looks far from unhappy now, she seems grateful to be alive and able to enjoy each new day to its fullest. Her life is definitely now a life worth living.

Update: Etica left us in summer of 2014.