El. pošta


A few years ago I was living in town, taking care of stray cats and many of them found a refuge in my apartment and my garage. One day, when I entered the garage to feed my kitties, I could see all of them were nervous and anxious and I knew something had happened. They all behaved as if some intruder was among them.

I started to search for whoever it was and found a tiny calico kitten, less than six weeks old, who was hissing and growling at me and all my cats. Quite impressed by the little one with such a strong personality in spite of being skinny and dirty, I took her to my apartment. This was Utata, who was stubborn and had a mind of her own from the beginning.

Although she was in pretty bad shape, I never doubted she’d grow up into a real beauty. She made new kitty friends rather quickly, she was cuddly with me, but generally distrustful towards people. Whenever anybody else was around she was nowhere to be seen.

We moved to the shelter and started a new life, but her attitude didn’t changed for a long time. She’d always hide when unfamiliar people would pop by to visit. A couple of months ago she suddenly became nice and affectionate, she now wants to be friends with everyone. She seems relaxed and happy. Being a beautiful kitty, cuddly and lovable, she is really enchanting.